We help you acquire the equipment you need, from trucks, trailers, earth moving equipment, cranes, scrapers, machine tools and more


We finance all passenger vehicles and commercial fleets, including hybrid or electric cars, exotic and luxury vehicles, as well as cargo and cube vans


We specialize in aircraft financing for piston engine, turboprop, rotary, and light/super-mid business jets

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30+ years in the industry and we’ve helped thousands of Canadians finance their dreams


We have successfully deployed billions of our capital to help thousands of Canadians acquire the equipment, vehicles and aircraft they need


Our key measure of success is how often our customers come back to Travelers. The largest percentage of our business comes from life-long relationships

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Heading to the car dealership to kick a few tires and browse at vehicles is always fun whether you’re serious about purchasing or not. But for those who need to make decisions quickly, doing the right homework before heading to the dealership is something all of us have in common. It means we’ve taken the time to prepare ourselves for the discussions we need to have to make a sound financial decision. When you know what you want, and you know what you can afford, the process is much more enjoyable – you’re buying a vehicle after all.


The aircraft market is a complex forum of ideas, practices, and processes.To make matters more complicated, the peak market crashed during the economic downturn of 2008, leaving sales sluggish, encouraging value to plummet, and leading to an excess of inventory and vast oversupply.


Refinancing your business assets, like equipment or fleet vehicles, is a critical practice for many organizations. Refinancing is an effective way of negotiating your current financial terms and sorting out ways to make your payments work for your business. This can mean beefing up your monthly premiums to reduce borrowing time, or increasing the term of your borrowing to result in lower monthly payments, effectively increasing your available working capital.


Pre-approved financing is, in essence, a financial confirmation that you can afford to spend a certain amount of money. It’s a process in which a borrower meets the guidelines of a particular lender for a loan.

Helping Owner Operators Grow Their Business

A small fluid hauling business was losing business because they couldn’t service more contracts…so Travelers stepped-in to help acquire more trucks and grow the business.

"Through these contracts, and with Travelers helping to acquire the needed equipment with limited down payments and terms that allowed for revenues generated to match cash flow requirements, we were able to diversify into Vacuum and Steam operations."

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