About Travelers

Since 1986 Travelers has deployed billions of dollars in capital, bridging the gap between sellers and buyers in the Automotive, Equipment, and Aircraft industries.
Travelers consolidated their equipment finance business in 2014 under the Coast Capital Group of Companies. The transaction allowed the two organizations to align their combined expertise and core strengths, while capitalizing on shared efficiencies and reaping the benefits of increased opportunities, including a broader customer base across the country.

Headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, Travelers has offices in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.


What kind of assets can be financed with Travelers?

  • Transportation
  • Aircraft
  • Automobiles
  • Heavy construction
  • Oil & Gas service related
  • Material handling
  • Machine tools
  • Manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Medical
  • Forestry
  • Agricultural
  • Revenue generating assets

Leadership Team

  • Jim Case

    As Founder and CEO, Jim guides overall strategy and tactics for the Travelers Group of companies. A former...

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  • Roberto Cortese

    Roberto’s strategic and tactical skills keep us ahead of the industry. Before joining Travelers in 2005, with over...

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  • Ernie Holmes

    Ernie joined the Travelers team in 1994 and has since this time held increasingly responsible positions within the...

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  • Tod Chisholm

    Tod has more than 20 years’ experience in the automotive finance business. In the past Tod has held...

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Why Travelers Exists

Our mission and purpose is
to make things happen.

We have a bias for action and we live to help others accomplish things… Where other financial institutions focus more on the risk, we focus on you, and on what you can do with the financial resources that we can put into your hands. We thrive on relationships, working closely with SELLERS AND BUYERS, and other financial institutions. We are never more than a phone call, email or text message away. While Travelers often works with some of Canada’s most successful Corporations and individuals, we also believe in second chances for those who need a little help on their bumpy road to success. Whether you are starting up, or starting over, if you have the character, persistence and energy, we have the wherewithal. Let’s WORK TOGETHER TO GET TO YES


Travelers Finance Ltd, formerly known has Travelers Financial Corporation, was founded in 1986. The company diversified in 1993 with the acquisition of a consumer acceptance company and in 1995 when it added auto leasing to its range of services.

Travelers expanded again in late 1999 with the acquisition of Essex Financial Services. In 2011 Travelers rolled out Travelers Capital, providing financial advisory and private project placement financing for renewable energy projects.

In May of 2014, Travelers Financial Corporation (TFC) announced that the assets of the prime equipment and vehicle finance business of TFC would become part of the Coast Capital Group of Companies. The consolidated equipment finance business of the Coast Capital Group of Companies was carried out under Coast Capital Equipment Finance Ltd. (CCEF) and two new entities, Travelers Finance Ltd. and Travelers Leasing Ltd.