Aircraft Solutions for Buyers

If it didn't make such good sense in terms of efficiency, time management, taxes considerations and effectiveness, you would do it for the sheer glory of owning the skies. Aircraft are one of the few transportation assets that have the capability of holding or even increasing in value, but the same longevity and value makes the process of acquiring aircraft especially detailed, complex and sophisticated. It is important to pick your mission and make sure that your aircraft choice – general aviation, light jet, turboprop, piston aircraft– is right for that mission.

We offer a variety of Aircraft financing solutions, including:

  • Asset-based term loans
  • Pre-approved financing

Travelers Aircraft Financing is Canada’s leader in aircraft financing, drawing on close connections throughout the industry and years of experience to help hundreds of Canada’s non-commercial pilots realize their dreams. Let’s have a conversation

-John Mealey, Vice President Aircraft Financing



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