Financing that works
For You
You’re ready for that sports car, family wagon, 4x4, or simply your next A to B vehicle and are trying to figure out the best way to pay for it. Like most Canadians, affordability is important. We can tailor-make a convenient payment structure that works for you and your family.
For Your Business
You need a company car or truck and want to minimize the impact to the cash account and borrowing capacity of your business. We will customize a competitive payment structure so you can enjoy the vehicle and your business can enjoy the savings.
For Your Fleet
Your business needs a fleet of vehicles to ensure service delivery and business success. We specialize in small fleets and will help you acquire the vehicles that you need by providing customized financing to maximize the cash flow of your business.
How we help you with your auto financing needs
We will refinance your existing car lease or loan so that you can enjoy lower monthly payments.
Why would you like this option?
Because it adds money back to your monthly budget.

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Pre-approved Financing
We will pre-approve your financing
so you can go car shopping with peace of mind.
Why would you like this option?
Because you can walk out of the dealership with the keys in your hand.

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Private Sales
Unlike the banks, we will finance the vehicle that you want and not limit your choices.
Why would you like this option?
Because you can buy the vehicle that best matches your needs, whether it’s from Craigslist or an auction.

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  • Competitive rates and terms
  • Fast processing
  • High approval rates
  • Open-end leases with no mileage restrictions and customizable residual values
  • Refinance options available to help lower payments on existing auto loans and leases
  • Low rates combined with manufacturer cash rebates for lower overall cost of borrowing over term
Vehicles We Love To Finance

All Consumer Automobiles


Exotic Cars | Hybrid / Electric Vehicles


Commercial Vans/Trucks | Delivery Vehicles

Recent Transactions
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Heading to the car dealership to kick a few tires and browse at vehicles is always fun whether you’re serious about purchasing or not. But for those who need to make decisions quickly, doing the right homework before heading to the dealership is something all of us have in common. It means we’ve taken the time to prepare ourselves for the discussions we need to have to make a sound financial decision. When you know what you want, and you know what you can afford, the process is much more enjoyable – you’re buying a vehicle after all.

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Private vehicle sales deals, whether realized on Kijiji or at an auction, represent a substantial aspect of the total vehicle sales market. They are simple, straight-up agreements made usually when a seller needs to sell quickly in order to extract maximum value from their asset.

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Being locked into a less than favourable loan or lease isn’t a situation most of us wish to stay in, making refinancing your existing vehicle loan a great way to investigate the benefits of revisiting your term agreement. Knowing when to do so, however, makes all the difference in following through with your plan and can easily help to alleviate some of the financial stresses, especially if related to your transportation-dependant business.

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Helping A Commercial Maintenance Company Grow Its Business

When a business owner needed a commercial-use vehicle with custom features to enable service delivery, only Travelers was there to help make it happen.

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