Car Leasing and Financing for Buyers

The rule of thumb is simple: buy things that appreciate in value and lease things that depreciate. Leasing vehicles is a smart way for drivers and their companies to get the benefit of vehicles without the burden of large cash outlays and upfront taxes. Whether it’s a Ford or a Ferrari, a Toyota or Tesla, a corporate fleet or the ride of your dreams, Travelers has auto financing and leasing solutions for all situations and organization sizes.

We offer a variety of Automotive financing solutions, including:

  • Leases
  • Pre-approved financing

Let us free up capital and keep you on the road with the most up to date to wheels. With access to a wide range of financing solutions available there is no vehicle too conservative or luxurious for Travelers to finance. Our experience and reputation within the industry has gained Travelers the benefit of great relationships with sellers, and structures that are attractive for the vehicle of your choice.



For more information, contact:
Rob Frost
A. Vice President
P: 604.473.3843 | F: 604.205.3866

Doug Osborne

For more information, contact:
Doug Osborne
Account Manager
P: 604.473.3844 | F: 604.205.3866