Careers and Culture

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If you focus on results, you think “now” is too late, you learn rapidly, you are entrepreneurial, accountable, love simplicity and embrace technology. Working at Travelers can be your route to leveraging your natural skills and behavior. Travelers is one the largest privately owned leasing and financing company in Canada and our people are the key to our success. If you have what it takes, we can offer you the training, support, encouragement, financial rewards and the environment to help you make your mark in the world.

  • Mission & Vision

    Mission & Vision

    Travelers’ Mission To help Sellers of equipment and Buyers of equipment achieve their goals, easily. Travelers’ Vision By 2018, Travelers will be...

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  • Travelers is…

    Travelers is…

    Youthful thinking and action, entrepreneurial, easy, fast, helpful, simple, rewarding, smart… these are some of the words our team use to explain...

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  • CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

    CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

    Travelers’ Chief Fun Officers’ have the best position in the company, each month they plan and execute fun activities for the entire...

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  • Celebrations


    The annual Travelers celebration is a joyous occasion enjoyed company wide. Each year the entire team gets together in Vancouver to celebrate...

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  • Annual Team Meeting

    Annual Team Meeting

    Every year, Travelers assembles our entire team to meet at Travelers HQ in Burnaby, British Columbia. Over the course of two days...

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  • Mid Year Club

    Mid Year Club

    The mid- year club trip is a reward for those Account Executives that are able to hit a lofty 6 month goal,...

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  • President’s Club

    President’s Club

    President’s Club is the ultimate reward for Travelers’ Account Executives. An invitation to this prestigious trip is earned when Account Executives meet...

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  • Travelers’ Quotient

    Travelers’ Quotient

    Our company is organized and directed according to a proprietary process we call TQ – the Travelers’ Quotient. We recruit and train everyone...

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  • E.A.S.Y.


    Entrepreneurial Accountable Simplicity Youthful thinking, experience & technology Entrepreneurial: You create new ideas that prove useful You discover practical solutions to hard...

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  • “I” to the third power

    “I” to the third power

    What does it mean?   Impact, Immediate, Individual You amplify Impact. You focus on results You always want to over achieve You deliver more...

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  • The Culture of YES

    The Culture of YES

    Travelers’ culture is team oriented, collaborative and entrepreneurial. What that means is that we don’t hedge or hesitate and we don’t concern...

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  • Travelers Team Testimonials

    Travelers Team Testimonials

    Travelers is a place that genuinely cares about their employees and the people that work here. – Will Brown, Account Executive  ...

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