Finance programs specialized to increase equipment sales for

You can send us transactions on an individual basis and we will work together to develop a program that fits your needs. We can help complete financing from start to finish, provide the support you need to manage your customer’s experience, and ultimately improve customer retention.
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You recognize the importance financing can play in your value offering but may not be ready to invest in a full service finance and insurance office. We can create a virtual finance and insurance office for you, combining our technology, support services and leveraging our position as the only direct funder with a multi-lender platform. This scalable model has proven to have the highest credit acceptance rate in the industry. No matter what your customer’s credit profile may be, we can provide the financing they need to help you win the sale.
Are you ready to let financing take your business to the next level? Our industry expertise and diverse product offering enable us to customize a captive finance program that is tied directly to your brand to enhance your value proposition. We offer a range of custom programs including but not limited to: private label programs, rate subsidy programs, a spectrum of shared risk programs, as well as wholesale financing programs.
We’re here to help you increase sales

Mike Dominguez

AVP, Coast Direct


How we can help your business
Eliminate Sticker Shock
Why hit your customers with the equipment cost? Financing equipment allows you to quote an attractive monthly payment that will increase your customer’s confidence to make the purchase.

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Increase Market
Equipment financing increases vendor sales, so if you’re not doing it, your competition is. Create an effective financing program to ensure the growth and success of your dealership.

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Improve Customer Loyalty
When your customers understand the benefits of financing, they will finance again and again as their business grows. Generate repeat business by revenue matching payments and allowing your customers to upgrade to new equipment.

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  • National and local sales support
  • Fast and consistent credit decisions
  • Private label financing programs
  • Competitive rates in Canadian and US dollars
  • Drive sales volumes
  • Help protect customer-base
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How We Helped Ritchie Bros Create its own Financing Division

Ritchie Bros sells more equipment to on-site and online bidders than any other company in the world. So who did they turn to for help to create Ritchie Bros Financial Services? 

“By providing our customers with financing solutions, we make it more convenient for them to find the equipment they need for their next project as well as the financing they need—all at the same location.”

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