Helping Canadian Businesses Improve Operational Efficiency

As businesses struggle to increase efficiency, the ability to free-up time is paramount. This is why aircraft ownership is frequently used to solve time constraints and meet the needs of growing businesses.

More and more business owners are looking for ways to improve efficiency and generate more free time by avoiding line-ups, customs, and other time drains that come with commercial airlines. When properly structured, there are ownership and tax strategies that can be deployed to assist in making aircraft ownership a viable part of your operations.

The company that operates this aircraft has grown from a start-up to becoming one of Canada’s leading technology companies supplying tier one manufacturers. Since inception, the company utilized an aircraft to service its needs and as the company grew, the requirement for a more complex aircraft grew and Travelers was there every step of the way.

The aircraft has been a key contributor to growth and to the underlying success of the company.

See above for aircraft specs.


When our partners at Aviation Unlimited recommended Travelers to help with the financing, we finalized the transaction in record breaking time. The $1M+ transaction was conditionally accepted by the client and submitted to credit department and funded within 5 business days. This set a new record for the Aviation team at Travelers Finance in terms of credit, funding and documentation efficiency.


Posted On Sunday, January 1st, 2017
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