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Since 1988, Falcon Equipment has been providing truck mounted equipment to various industries ranging from building supply, municipal, mining, forestry to the rail industry. The company covers a bit of a niche market as the majority of the equipment it supplies is customized to suit customer needs. Part of those needs often include financing, and that is where the partnership with Travelers comes in. The relationship between Falcon and Travelers dates back nearly 30 years.

The feedback from many of Falcon’s customers is that their banks either do not understand their business, or the equipment they require, which has made it very hard to grow their business. Travelers, on the other hand, understands the industries we service. By providing its own financing option through Travelers, Falcon has been able to help its customers acquire the capital they need to help grow their business without the arduous process of dealing with a traditional bank.

Falcon prides itself in building long-term relationships with its customers and supporting their service, sales and finance needs. Its arrangement with Travelers addresses the financial aspect. Providing access to capital helps the sales process and reinforces its “one stop shop” offering.

“Aside from great service and rates, our customers are always impressed with the industry knowledge Travelers provides. When your financial institution actually understands the equipment they are financing, the likelihood of an approval (with competitive rates) is much higher. I am approached often by other leasing firms who would like to do business with Falcon Equipment however the service Travelers and our representative Beth Berger provides, leaves little to no room for others to compete. If anyone is looking at Travelers for their capital needs and would like a reference, please feel free to contact me personally.”

– Blair Norberg, Falcon Equipment Ltd.

Posted On Sunday, January 1st, 2017
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