Helping Owner Operators Grow Their Business

When Paolo Piovesan was looking to expand his equipment transport business, he turned to Travelers to help him make this happen.

Paolo is the owner of DLP Heavy Haul, which he founded in 2004. Since then, he has built his business to 3 trucks, 5 trailers, 1 pick-up, and has 4 employees working with over 100 customers a year. Travelers has been a part of that growth and is proud to have played a role in the success of its customers.

Recently, Paolo had identified an opportunity to expand his business into the road construction sector. In September, Paolo called Ryan Mounstephen, an Assistant VP at Travelers, to discuss his plans and understand how Travelers could help him with this new venture:

“I was looking to tackle another segment of the industry under a new corporation. I wanted an affordable payment but more importantly a down payment that wouldn’t drain my start up cash. Travelers offered all of the above with incredible speed and ease.” – Paul Piovesan

After reviewing Paolo’s budget and first 100 days of operating cash requirements, Ryan was able to identify an optimal financing structure that would help Paolo not only acquire the equipment he needed, but also to ensure the success of his new venture.

Paolo has now incorporated a new business, C.V. Quarry & Contractor, and owns a new water truck that is 90% utilized day to day to support road construction projects. He is planning to add another truck next year, and Travelers is excited to help Paolo grow his fleet and enjoy continued business success.


Posted On Sunday, January 1st, 2017
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